Maine Hunting Guides

Turkey hunting in MaineCassida’s Taxidermy offers guided spring turkey hunts. Our spring season for turkey hunting runs from the first of May into the first week of June.

When you sign up for one of our hunting trips, we offer hotel accommodations and transportation to the hunting grounds on the day of the hunt. These expenses are not included and customers are expected to pay them out of pocket. Customers also have the option to transport themselves to the hunting grounds.

In order to participate in a guided spring turkey hunt, you are responsible to show proof of your hunting license. You also must be at least 10 years of age in order to participate.

Maine has a healthy and plentiful turkey population which makes for a productive and entertaining hunt. Guided hunts can typically run anywhere between one to three days at $350.000 per day.

We travel across Maine to hunt at a variety of locations and there is a limit of two turkeys per licensed hunter. This protocol allows us to offer an exceptional, fair hunting trip to each of our guests with a professional Maine hunting guide. There is not limit on the amount of people allowed to participate in the hunt.

Pricing and availability of our hunting trips can change throughout the year; contact us today for more information!